“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


About Me

My experience at your service

I am a professional freelance interpreter and technical translator and as a passionate linguist, I practice my profession with energy and enthusiasm.
In 2010 I obtained my Master Degree in Conference Interpreting at the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori in Trieste and my language pairs are German and English, which I also use in mutual combination.
I currently live between Italy and Germany where I work successfully both with private customers and companies and translation agencies. My fields of expertise are, among others, Law, Tourism, Medicine, Mechanics, Food and Wine and Literature. Furthermore, I have gained extensive experience in telephone interpreting services as well as in teaching foreign languages (to companies, private customers and on on-line platforms).
I also was linguistic consultant for the Export Department of some companies based in my region. I hold professional qualifications certifying the highest competence level (C2, according to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference) in German and English, a knowledge of which I have increased through work experience and language courses abroad. Travelling keeps me dynamic and open-minded and the experience of operating between different cultures and visions of life is definitely the core principle of my professional and personal growth since graduation.
Thanks to my studies and my professional experience I have broadened my public speaking and communication skills. I regard this as my biggest strength: I am a really communicative person and this has allowed me to establish a successful relationship with all my clients.
I set a premium on reliability, punctuality, organization and planning as well as on high quality standards, which have characterized my work experience until today and will continue to do so.


How can I help you?

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter works in a soundproofed booth with at least one colleague. The speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone, the interpreter receives the sound through a headset and renders the message into a microphone almost simultaneously. The audience in the meeting room selects the relevant channel to hear the interpretation in the language of his/her choice. Simultaneous Interpreting is usually used on the occasion of meetings, conferences and in the main European and international institutions.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter sits with the speakers, listens to the speech and renders it, at the end, in a different language, generally with the aid of notes. The interpreter and the speakers alternate their speech at variable time intervals.

Wishpered Simultaneous Interpreting

Whispered interpreting (also known as chuchotage) is very similar to simultaneous interpreting, yet without any technical equipment. The interpreter is seated or standing among the people needing linguistic support and interprets simultaneously directly into their ears. Whispered interpreting is commonly used in TV-shows, training courses and in all those meetings, where only few people do not share the same languages.

Liaison Interpreting

Liaison Interpreting is commonly used during trade fairs and trade negotiations. The interpreter usually sits between the two (or more) participants enabling the communication between them.

Telephone Interpreting

It is a relatively new type of “distance” interpreting service, consisting in a conference call through telephone connection, Skype or other online-platforms. Telephone interpreting is mostly used in healthcare sector, as well as in marketing and customer care.

Translation and Proofeading

I translate both generic and technical texts, also using CAT-TOOLS, in the following language pairs:
For further language pairs, I would be glad to assist you, getting you in touch with competent and professional colleagues. I am also available for proofreading as well as formal and content editing of written texts and translations.

Language Training

I regularly offer German, English, and Italian as a foreign language training for students of every age and level, organizing different and tailor-made courses, from school-tutoring to business training and language for special purposes.

Linguistic Support

I provide support and consultancy for all the companies engaged in exporting or which would like to start exporting abroad, including organization of events and preparation of e-mails and company profiles.


Here are some pictures:

Apulia Film Commission

Gatherings and conversations with international filmmakers


Bari International Film Festival.

Editions 2014 – 2015


Language assistance for Italian and international companies on the occasion of business and trade fairs.

Gerry Badger

Photography workshop with the English critics and photographer Gerry Badger.


Interpreting activities at various national and international events.


What my clients say:

I worked with Lara during a very important psychotherapy conference and a European training workshop for psychotherapists. I really appreciated her technical competence, her precision and, most of all, the emotional participation and the warmth with which she accomplished the difficult task of interpreting child psychotherapy sessions. I would undoubtedly recommend her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Giandomenico Bagatin

I met Lara during the conference organized by the IGT (Gestalt Institute Trieste) in 2010 in Trieste. I was really impressed by her professional behavior and by the passion she conveys through her work. Lara has a talent, I have recognized in few interpreters: the ability to translate words, while not losing the emotional sense of the speech. The audience is thus connected to and able to understand the deeper meaning of the speaker’s words.

Paolo Baiocchi

Lara is very prepared and professional, as well as personable and with a good character. One of the peculiarities, which makes her stand out compared to other interpreters, is the ability to describe our company and products as if she was essential part of the staff, thus gaining more attention by the audience and fair visitors. We really hope she will be part of our team at the next MEDICA trade fairs

Federica Bidoli

We had the pleasure to work with Lara on the occasion of the trade fair “SICAM 2012” in Pordenone. We were very satisfied with her job, her communication skills and professional behavior.

Paolo Miatello

Ms. Lara Maroccini really supported us during the trade fairs in Munich. Her interpretations were very professional and we were very satisfied with how she got along with all our customers and fair visitors. She does her job with much love which she conveys to the audience and customers. We would definitely recommend her.

Andreas Roth

We have always worked very well with Lara. She is punctual, precise and very professional. She will be definitely part of our team during the next trade fairs.

Luca Longato


Prices may vary according to the requested service (translation, interpreting, language training, linguistic support), the difficulty of the subjects, and the time schedule. For further information as well as for a free-of-charge, non-binding cost estimation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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